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Surface Pro: Microsoft launches free power cord replacement

Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, or Surface Pro 3 owners can now get a new power cord from Microsoft for free. The background is a memory. Affected customers will receive an improved, more stable cable.

Microsoft is recalling power cords for Surface Pro devices

This is evident from various media reports. That’s how it writes online magazine ONMSFT Microsoft has an important security announcement for all owners of the selling Surface Pro series. Microsoft is recalling the power cords for these devices and is now sending free replacements. This exchange requires you to register with Microsoft for the replacement. On a focus on the Remind established website, you read how the exchange works and whether you are even entitled to a new cable.

The guide from Microsoft:

The Microsoft power cord for the original Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and select Surface Pro 3 devices is being recalled and replaced. We’ll let you know which devices are affected by the recall and how to get a free replacement if your Surface Pro power cord is affected.

Select a suitable device

Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3 devices sold before March 15, 2015 are eligible for a free power cord replacement.

The recall affects only the detachable power cord and not the power adapter that plugs into a wall outlet. Microsoft only indirectly writes why this recall was necessary. It reads, “However, the power cord may be damaged if it is bent or coiled tightly. Damaged power cords can overheat and present a fire or electric shock risk.” The company is asking all owners of the Surface Pro devices that shipped the affected cables to stop using the old cables if possible.

Revised connector ends

Microsoft illustrated the difference between the new, revised cables and the old, fragile power cables. The newer cables have improved strain relief in the power cord attachment at the plug ends, which reportedly further reduces the risk of damage if the cables are repeatedly wrapped too tightly. Only customers with Surface Pro 3 devices purchased before March 15, 2015, are eligible for Surface Pro 3 devices. Newer Surface Pro 3 devices already have the new power cord.