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Sydney Sweeney: Pink MTV Movie & TV Awards Look

Sydney Sweeney

Euphoria took four awards in the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday night. Hence, it was crucial that for the HBO show had an appropriate representation at the awards ceremony. It was Sydney Sweeney who was the Euphoria spokesperson for the evening. It’s only fitting that Sweeney played the part to the max and attended the ceremony dressed in her character Cassie and, at the very minimum wearing a style that would surely leave the Euphoria counterpart happy.

Sweeney made her way to the red carpet of Santa Monica in a custom outfit that was designed by Miu Miu. The look was inspired by the brand’s two recent collections, Miuccia Prada designed an adorable, crystal-encrusted mini skirt that has two belted details over a slit on one leg. On the top of the dress, Sweeney wore an ultra-cropped collared top in a see-through pink material and a bra that was crystal-covered and barely poked through. The stylist of Sweeney, Molly Dickson, then finished her sparkling outfit with a pair of silver pumps, adorned with even more glitter.

The look is not a replica of Miu Miu, we wouldn’t be shocked if Sweeney took the look in the Euphoria costume department. This outfit is certainly something Cassie would want to wear to school on Nate’s arms and give Maddy the look of disapproval as they strolled through the hallway together. On Sunday, however, Sweeney didn’t find herself in the halls of high school and instead was at the stage of the awards ceremony, accepting an award of a Golden Popcorn trophy on behalf of her and Alexa Demie (who was not present) for the Best Fight in the show, due to their smackdown during the final episode of Euphoria. “Maddy might have gotten the last punch, but Cassie has never ever been happier,” Sweeney laughed by quoting the famous Cassie line before getting on her heels and walking off the stage.

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