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Here Is How To Take DSLR Like Pictures With Smartphone-Using An App Developed By Google Engineer

Google Engineer Made An App That Can Deliver DSLR Like Night Photos

Smartphone Photography has been developing since the smartphones hit the market newer technology like, sensors, dual cameras; facial recognition, zooming all took some time to fit in the smartphones, even some phones deliver the shots somewhat closer to DSLR shots but still there is a lot to improve for smartphones to compete DSLR’s,

Until now there is none in the market of smartphones that can deliver exactly DSLR like photos.

And in night photography, many smartphones loses on the front and captures quite low resolution images. Google Daydream engineer Florian Kainz is said to have found the solution.

Kainz, has mentioned in the Google Research lab blog post, has made an experimental app that can take night shots with accurate colors and much less noise (distortion), something that is much closer to DSLR shots.

Kainz told a little challenging story behind developing this app, He said, he once took a night shot with DSLR camera among his team, he was challenged to take similar shot with Smartphone, obviously smartphones are not capable of taking high resolution shots during night, but Kainz took the challenge and developed the app that could take 64 burst shots for 2 seconds. This app also let users to control the focus manually, even exposure and ISO.

64 burst shots then merged algorithmically to clean the image from distortion and deliver desired results.

Kainz said in a blog post that he tested the app by taking images in full moon night and in low lit environment, the images were noiseless, focused and saturated.
He also added that images taken with 9 to 10 mega pixel camera phone are not as good as the DSLR image might be, but camera phones having more than 10 megapixel cameras can capture surprisingly sharp images.

Final images required post processing on desktop computers, but using right software on the phone can process the images internally, steps like painting layer mask by hand can be eliminated then it could serve as point-and-shoot in low light conditions, he added.

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image courtesy: Florian Kainz

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