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Camera Effects and Reactions Feature Now Part of Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite, the application that was introduced specifically for areas with poor internet connection and slow connectivity is gradually turning into an application that can be called as “Twin Facebook”. Recently, new features have been added to the application, Includes camera effects and Reactions distinctive feature. This fact has now been acknowledged by the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg at an event called “A place to Connect”.

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Facebook relies heavily on its market in India, but as the users in the country has to face hurdles of slow internet, Facebook Lite application and its growing characteristics are beneficial to the Indian population as well as few other countries with the similar issue.

Facebook Lite pays an extra effort to incorporate the Indian culture in their camera effects. “Namaste” has been added as a form of greeting which also points to the fact that Facebook can go an extra mile to keep its biggest market intact.

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The Reactions feature that was introduced on Facebook in the year 2015, and has been recognized by the users all over the world, is now a part of Facebook Lite as well. Therefore, Facebook is moving forward to connect with more people and advance its reach, but this question is still unclear that whether the new features are specified just for India or other countries can also take advantage of it.

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