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Telegram Complains About Apple Not Releasing The Update

Telegram is controversial, mainly due to the fact that the messenger, which was founded in Russia and now operates from Dubai, has been repeatedly noticed for its rather questionable content and lack of cooperation with authorities. Now you’re messing with Apple. From its own point of view, Telegram is and remains a bastion of free speech, but from the point of view of its critics, it is a platform that not only tolerates but encourages conspirators and extremists.

Telegram co-founder Pavel Durov is currently on a confrontational course with Apple. Because the boss of Telegram writes on its channel that the Cupertino, California-based company is blocking and not releasing a supposedly “revolutionary” Telegram update for the iOS App Store. Durov writes that he loves his job and is excited to help millions of people communicate. “The only thing that we find discouraging is that we are often unable to roll out the new versions of Telegram because the tech monopolies dictate an obscure ‘review’ process for all mobile apps.”

Two weeks with no response

According to Durov, an upcoming update has been stuck in Apple’s review for two weeks without Telegram getting any explanation or feedback from Apple. According to the Telegram boss, this update aims to “revolutionize the way people express themselves in messages”.

This is frustrating for Telegram and also costs money, and is especially a problem for smaller developers: “This damage is in addition to the 30 percent ‘tax’ that Apple and Google levy on app developers, paying for the resources needed to develop the apps. control,” Durov complains. It is not the first time that Durov has criticized the practices of Apple and Google. Currently, he says it is good that regulators in the EU and elsewhere are finally “starting to tackle these abusive practices”.

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