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Telegram introduced a new power-saving mode

We haven’t paid much attention to battery life while using the Messenger app. We consider that it usually doesn’t require much battery to update. We don’t consider it much, but one of the most popular messenger apps has introduced a solution for this issue. Telegram has introduced a new feature of power saving mode for its app.

Every app might benefit from being more energy efficient. It’s difficult to imagine that Telegram would need to reduce its performance because it’s not nearly as good as Genshin Impact. But most apps take more battery than you might realize. While Telegram is a fully featured messaging service, there is undoubtedly more functionality than most people realize.

power-saving mode introduced by Telegram

This latest amendment is announced via blog post. As per information, this feature could limit some of the app’s features in order to get that to work. Many areas of the application could be limited in ways to be toned down for power saving mode.

The main feature to limit it to is animation. Telegram’s main feature is its animation, which makes the application a better experience. As considered, these features aren’t that important. These animation features are available for emojis, reactions, messages, etc.

When you enable this mode, it will limit all these animated functions. This will also limit the AutoPlay feature for videos. A video sent in a chat will not be played until you click on it.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Pixel 7 Pro won’t have any issues using Telegram, although this mode is designed for older and less powerful phones. Batteries in older phones degrade significantly more quickly. Also, their computers are just unable to handle the volume of animations.

So, cheaper Android phones will benefit from this more than iPhones. Nonetheless, iPhones can still use this mode.

How this works is under your control. To begin with, you can decide at what battery level the mode should be activated. Also, you can leave it on continuously. You can also switch between several toggles. Let’s say you wish to disable some animations while leaving others in the mode. This feature may already be available to you.

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