Telegram will now let its premium subscribers to add Stories and pin posts

As per PR information via 9to5Mac, following CEO Pavel Durov’s announcement last month that the function was under testing, Telegram’s new Stories feature, which allows users to post momentary films and photographs, is now available. Only the company’s paid Premium subscribers are currently permitted to upload Telegram Stories.

The competitor messaging services WhatsApp (with status updates) and even Signal had already released their own versions before Telegram Stories was introduced. Although he acknowledged that there was some internal skepticism about the value of Stories, Durov said that the team “can no longer imagine Telegram without it.”

Before Meta ripped off the idea, Snapchat made the Stories format popular by incorporating it into Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. They have also been utilized by the NBA, TikTok, and, for a short period, Twitter with Fleets. By adopting BeReal’s (perhaps one-hit wonder) take on the functionality, which supports snapping photos with both the front and rear cameras active at once, Telegram Stories is also playing by Meta’s rules. Last month, Durov published a video showcasing that new skill as well as a few others.

Granular controls over the sharing of Stories are available in Telegram. You can set them to expire in intervals of 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours, or you can choose to pin the story indefinitely until you wish it to be taken down. Along with that, each story will contain separate privacy settings that will allow users to specify who can view their story.

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