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Tesla Berlin Factory won’t start before March


The car manufacturer Tesla has to have a lot of patience in Germany. The factory in Grünheide near Berlin in Brandenburg is largely completed. However, it cannot yet market cars pending permits. Following a report by RBB shows, the competent authorities are currently still reviewing the various security measures. This applies, for example, to the handling of various chemicals.

Tesla is partly responsible for the delays here, as the application documents have changed the amounts of substances that could leak in an accident. In any case, the approval processes should be nearing completion. However, as the regulations in this country dictate, that doesn’t mean it could start right away. After all approvals have been obtained, the operating license must first be granted. It is therefore expected that the first vehicles from the new factory will not be delivered to customers until March at the earliest.

Almost Everything done

Tesla’s original schedule was to begin production in the summer of last year. However, it soon became clear that this was probably too ambitious a project, as the authorities and the different procedures for public participation in such a large-scale project hardly allow such a rapid construction. However, from the point of view of all those in charge of the company and also of the administration, there is hardly anything that could stand in the way of the completion of all procedures.

Only a lawsuit over a lawsuit against the planned water delivery volumes for Tesla has not yet been completed and had to be postponed due to health reasons of those involved. However, the state government’s commitment to a successful plant start-up is likely to be even greater than it was at the start. Because the Tesla plant is an important part of the process of structural change in the federal state, whose industry is increasingly switching from fossil fuels to sustainable technologies – creating an entire supply industry for the production of batteries for electromobility, which relies on Tesla as customer.


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