Tesla Cybertruck Will Have an Extra Large Windscreen Wiper

The Tesla Cybertruck has been introduced years ago and should soon go into production. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer any more secrets. This includes the windshield wiper because the Tesla world has long wondered how it looks and works.

Tesla first showed the Cybertruck at the end of 2019, but at that time it was still the first pre-series model. A lot has happened since then and the electric car manufacturer has changed or improved quite a few things. In the meantime, the relatively huge vehicle should also be available in a more or less final version, after all, the start of production should be imminent.

That doesn’t mean that the truck’s last secret has already been revealed. The Tesla world has been puzzling for months about which windshield wipers the vehicle has. Because a special feature of the Cybertruck is its huge windscreen and it was not previously clear how this is actually cleaned.

The big wiper is coming

Because according to Electrek, early prototypes had a huge windscreen wiper, then there were Cybertruck versions with a smaller version and even variants without one. In the corresponding videos – the Tesla fan scene documents almost every sighting – it has not been possible to see that the windshield wipers are actually functional.

This has now been achieved for the first time because so far nobody has had the good fortune to be able to film the Cybertruck on a rainy trip. A drone filmer managed it now, even if it stayed dry again. Because the man named Brad Sloan found the vehicle in front of a wind tunnel, the Tesla was cleaned in the course of these tests and the windshield wipers were also used. The whole can be seen at the 13:42 mark.

And in this case, it is confirmed that Tesla is installing the giant wiper again and that it works. You can see that the huge wiper blade actually covers most of the car’s huge windshield. The only exception is a corner on the passenger side. Of course, one cannot say whether this is actually the final version. It is also unclear whether such a large windshield wiper affects the view negatively.