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Tesla Cybertruck Will Not Enter Into Mass Production By 2024

Tesla cannot fulfill the promise to deliver the first Cybertrucks to pre-orderers in 2023. As part of the announcement of the group’s financial results, Elon Musk has now confirmed this.

According to company boss Elon Musk, mass production of the electric pickup won’t begin until 2024 Inside EVs reported. Musk still expects production to start “sometime this summer,” but warned that production would be “very slow” initially.

Tesla is currently still in the middle of installing the new assembly systems. As soon as production starts, it will take several weeks before all parts can be manufactured and Tesla can complete the cybertrucks in significant numbers. So, despite promises to the contrary, no one should expect to get a cybertruck this year.

Delivery was planned for 2021

Incidentally, Tesla had already presented the Cybertruck in 2019 – more than three years ago. At that time it was said that the first vehicles would be delivered as early as 2021. Then there were several officially announced shifts in the schedule. Most recently it was said that the market launch in 2023 would be tight, but was still tenable. Musk has now shattered this hope with his new statement. There were major changes compared to the original plans, not only in terms of availability – Tesla also had to correct the price several times.

In fact, the electric vehicle should start at $39,900 in the single-motor configuration, with the most expensive model expected to be around $70,000. Tesla will no longer be able to maintain this due to the recent general increase in prices. However, there is no new price or information about the configurations currently planned.