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OnePlus will be introducing various products on February 7


The event scheduled for February 7 by OnePlus won’t be just limited to the official release of the OnePlus 11. The company has some other plans as well. Few details based on leaked information and rumors are surfacing online about the event. Similarly, a source has shared some insight about what could be featured on February 7 by OnePlus. In this article, we will uncover some details based on a recent rumor.

Starting from smartphones, the company will introduce the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 11R. Along with these smartphones, the company will introduce a tab termed OnePlus Pad. OnePlus Pad will be the first tablet introduced by the company. In addition to these, the company will feature the OnePlus 65’’ TV as well as Buds Pro 2.

A recent rumor has even shared the codenames of these products. As per the rumor, OnePlus 11 will be termed Salami’. On the other hand, the company has chosen the codename ‘Udon’ for OnePlus 11R. Aries will be the codename for the OnePlus Pad. Whereas the Buds Pro 2 carries the ‘Galileo’ codename. The OnePlus 65” TV will be introduced with an ‘Edinburgh’ codename.

One interesting thing to notice here is that two out of these products will be exclusive to the Indian community i.e., OnePlus 11R and the 65’’ TV. Since the event will be organized in New Delhi, India.

However, do note that the recently leaked information has not mentioned anything about the OnePlus keyboard. Recently, the company has shown some glimpses of the latest keyboard. So, on the whole, we can expect six different products to be introduced by the company. While some of them remain exclusive to India. However, nothing is for sure as of now. We have to wait for the official event.  

OnePlus has already introduced the OnePlus 11 in China. We can speculate that the global model will be introduced with different software. However, rest of the specs could be similar.

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