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Tesla sacked an employee for hitting a pole in FSD video

Tesla electric car maker focuses heavily on intelligent features such as Autopilot and the Full Self Driving Beta. But there is always (justified) criticism of these AI features. Of course, Tesla doesn’t like critical tones, especially employees. John Bernal runs a channel dealing with artificial intelligence and cars. Not uncommon in itself, autonomous driving is one of the really big topics these days.

He also showed off his Tesla on the channel called AI Addict. He took his Model 3 to different parts of Silicon Valley to demonstrate how well the vehicle works with assistance and AI features. But Bernal was apparently too critical, as… CNBC reported. Because Tesla fired the programmer and cut off his access to the beta version of Full Self Driving (FSD) – even though he had no “strikes”, ie registered violations of the safety guidelines. However, he can still use the regular variant of the FSD version.

bollard knocked over

Bernal states that he has not disclosed any trade secrets. He started his channel because he was excited about this technology and because it could also save lives. The AI ​​Addict channel was founded a year ago and there are also countless YouTubers dedicated to the Full Self Driving Beta presenting and testing the new features. Apparently, Tesla’s HR department wasn’t happy with what you saw on the YouTube channel: because Bernal was fired late last month.

The automaker didn’t give a reason, but the letter of cancellation reached him shortly after he posted a video of his Model 3 crashing into a plastic pole after a turn with FSD Beta enabled. Shortly before the termination, he was personally informed that he had violated “Tesla regulations” and that his YouTube channel represented a “conflict of interest”.