Tesla Shoots Cybertruck With a Machine Gun

At the Cybertruck launch, Tesla made various announcements, including that the vehicle was “bulletproof.” So far, this promise has not been tested because the Cybertruck is not yet available. But now Tesla has tried it out itself.

Tesla Cybertruck is bulletproof?

It should finally be at the end of November because then the electric car manufacturer finally wants to start delivery of the Cybertruck with a big event. Then the Tesla pickup truck will reveal its final secrets. Although the vehicle was introduced years ago, the Cybertruck still has various question marks. This certainly also includes the information that the vehicle is “bulletproof”.

At the launch, Tesla said: “The Cybertruck consists of an outer shell designed for ultimate durability and passenger protection. Starting with a nearly impenetrable exoskeleton, every component is designed for outstanding strength and endurance, from the ultra-hard, 30-folded cold-rolled stainless steel structural skin to Tesla armored glass.”

However, the whole thing went terribly wrong at the first demonstration because the “armored glass” did not survive the throw of a metal ball as unscathed as it was supposed to. Now a cybertruck has apparently been mistreated or shot at again. As Electrek reports, citing the Twitter/X account Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, a Cybertruck was clearly subjected to a test with a machine gun.

Is it a Test or Just a Stunt?

While driving by, a user filmed a Tesla pickup truck riddled with bullets (at least) on the left side. Tesla boss Elon Musk later confirmed the test, writing: “We emptied the entire drum magazine of an Al Capone-style Thompson submachine gun into the driver’s door. No bullets entered the passenger compartment.”

Tesla apparently did not shoot at the window and there was also skepticism about the type of shooting. An Electrek reader writes that a (historical) Thompson submachine gun uses .45 caliber bullets. These are not only slow but also have a blunt tip: “If they had shot an AK47 or a 5.56 from an AR15, they would have made Swiss cheese out of the door panel.” His conclusion: The whole thing is a “stunt” and not proof that the Cybertruck is bulletproof.

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