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The 10 Best Apps for College Students

Nowadays technology offers us a multitude of advantages when it comes to studying more efficiently, organizing our time, and improving our performance. You can even pay for essays online with just one click. In this article, we present a complete selection of the best apps for students available on the market. Our experts have chosen the best alternatives to help you improve your studies.


The first application for students that our experts have chosen is especially practical to attend classes, practices, and lectures at the university because it is an application specially designed so that you can take notes comfortably from your smartphone and your tablet with the greatest possible comfort because it can be linked with a digital pen or you can use it directly with your finger.

It is also an interesting app for filling out forms and signing all kinds of documents. It allows you to improve a lot in terms of order because you can organize all your notes in different folders and virtual notebooks and if you need to, you can project them at any time to study better or to help other students.


On the other hand, we find a very practical application if you are looking to expand your knowledge about different subjects that you are teaching in class, as it allows you to take different online courses totally free on many topics. In addition, you will be able to take all these courses from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.


Next, we have chosen a complete app ideal for students because it will allow them to organize themselves better, record all the activities they have to do each week, manage their schedules, and be able to control perfectly so that they do not forget anything. If you have a very busy week, you can find the best essay writing service and ask professionals for help.

Pomodoro Timer

The next application that our experts have chosen is absolutely necessary if you want to better organize your study time. It is an application that uses the Pomodoro technique and allows you to divide your time into organized time slots for study, work and rest.

For example, if you follow the recommendations of this app you will study for 25 minutes and rest for five. In addition, when you have accumulated four blocks of 25 minutes you can take a slightly longer break to regain strength and continue studying more effectively.


This application is perfect for when we have to do a job or for exam times because it will allow students to avoid distractions with their phones, for example, when they are writing essays. It is an app that allows you to plant a seed of concentration. If you do not use your phone this seed will grow, while if you connect the plant withers to remind you not to be distracted and encourage you to perform better.

APA Format

The following application that our experts have selected is absolutely necessary for all students who are preparing for their Final Degree or Master’s Thesis. This tool is recommended to us by professionals in the realization of Master’s Final Papers with whom our experts have contacted, who explain that whether you have considered buying your master thesis as if you are going to do it alone no doubt to get a much more professional result with your work will be essential to take into account the APA format as they do as experts when making the master thesis to organize and generate all kinds of well-structured citations.

Easy Bib

Another of the best applications that exist to organize the bibliography of your work is Easy Bib. In this case, it is the perfect tool to automatically generate the citations that you will have to include at the end of any academic work. It also allows you to include the data by hand or directly scan the barcode of the book and the citation will be generated automatically.


The Dropbox platform is perfect for students, especially for those who have to work together with other classmates. With Dropbox, you can store and share all kinds of files and documents quickly, automatically, and easily.


This application is the perfect alternative for you to take notes from your tablet or your cell phone. You will be able to use it both with your finger and with a digital pencil and it will allow you to take all kinds of notes, and make drawings or sketches. Experts recommend using it with a digital pen to get the most out of it.


Finally, our experts have chosen the Feedly app for students. This RSS app allows you to keep up to date with the world, save your favorite media, choose the magazines and educational blogs you prefer to check, and generally keep you well informed of the latest news. We hope, the above applications will help you during your college life.

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