The Access Controller by Sony will launch in December 2023

During the CES 2023 event, Sony introduced the concept of a new controller. Back then, the company named the new product as Project Leonardo. After that, Sony shared the details about the upcoming product in mid-may. According to the shared information, the product is named Access Controller. As the name indicates the product is designed to assist disabled players with a more convenient approach on PS5.

As of now, the company shared that the controller will officially launch in December. The company shared the recent news on PlayStation Blog. The company stated that the controller has been in work for the past five years. the company worked in close association with accessibility institutions to ensure everything goes well.

Furthermore, the company states that although the launch is months away, users can still place pre-orders from July 21. Interested users can place their orders from PlayStation Direct in Luxembourg, Spain, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, the US, the UK, Austria, and Portugal. Moreover, users can also access the selected retailers for pre-orders in the above-mentioned regions.

The PS5 Access controller is set to launch on December 6

It is not common for every new product to be available worldwide. But this won’t be the case with the Access Controller. The company states that the product will be on a global scale. It is set to launch on December 6. Users can purchase the device from the same retailers where the pre-order option is available.

In addition to this, the company has also shared the price of the Access Controller. It is priced at $89.99 in the US. It is $10 less than the Accessibility controller offered by Microsoft. Furthermore, the company has shared the detailed specs of the controller in the form of a video.

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