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The Best Original Ideas To Give Technology For Ramadan


A rose is a rose, but if in addition to a smile we manage to surprise, so much the better. With our selection of technology gifts for Ramadan, you will not only be 10, but you will also get it in the most unexpected way.

The month of Ramadan is just around the corner… and, with this important date, doubts are piling up. Everyone wants to give that special person a gift, find the time and ability to remind him why we are by his side, but it is not always easy to find a gift that, in addition to showing our appreciation, is surprising. And if it is also practical, all the better.

Fortunately, technology can solve this ballot for us. No, your phone still can’t recommend the perfect gift, although knowing your partner’s likes and interests is enough to hit the nail on the head. Let us guide you with this selection of technological gifts and Ramadan special offer for this Ramadan, you will only need to figure out how to wrap gifts.

Gifts To Surprise The Most Techie

If the person we want to surprise is truly passionate about technology, they will surely already have all the basics covered. Computers, state-of-the-art telephones, tablets.  Items related to home automation or gadgets that are a little different than usual can be a highly recommended option.

Tablet HUAWEI MatePad T 10 LTE

It is not a tablet nor is it a voice assistant to use. It is a smart screen from Huawei that allows you to access voice assistants without using your fingers and shows the results in the most comfortable way thanks to its charging base.

Due to its specifications, it is the best tool when it comes to following YouTube recipes since we can play the video or pause it without using our hands, only through voice commands.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i

Specially designed for athletes, these wireless headphones have a design that allows them to be firmly attached to the ear so that they are not lost even during the most intense workouts. Powerful and adaptable to any ear, they have a range of 10 hours so you don’t get tired of listening to your favorite artists.


If you also want a touch of style, the Huawei Watch in its GT2 version is a sure-fire proposition. It stands out for its applications, customization possibilities, integration into the Huawei ecosystem, payment with the watch, and monitoring capabilities. Indeed, among its functions are GPS, irregular heart rate detection, and even fall detection with an automatic call to emergency contacts, all at a more affordable price than the base model.

A Power Bank For Everything

The best phone accessory? If you are going to need extraordinary autonomy, you have to think about an external battery. This 12,000 mAh unit gives us four charges for an average phone. However, thanks to its USB-C port, you can also use it with tablets and even laptops.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Activity Bracelet

The most affordable and effective way to quantify our training and monitor parameters that will allow us to take care of our health. It offers heart rate data, is fully waterproof, monitors sleep patterns, and display phone notifications. It also stands out for its AMOLED-type color touch screen and for its autonomy, since a charge lasts up to 14 days. Their bracelets are also interchangeable.

Sony Alpha 6000 Evil Camera With 16-50mm and 55-210mm Lenses

Sony’s portfolio of mirrorless (EVIL) cameras presents all sorts of great opportunities for photography enthusiasts. The Alpha 6000 model is perfect for advanced users, providing extraordinary image quality. It also has two lenses to experiment with different photographic modalities and cover a greater number of scenarios.

Polaroid Now White Instant Camera

Instant photography is in fashion, and with the Polaroid Now it is also in line with recent times. Polaroid’s camera design mixes the iconic look of early models with today’s technology, offering a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to go looking for batteries.

Floating Grip For Gopro

If the person we want to surprise likes adventure sports, surely, they have an action camera. What it may lack is good support for this floating grip, which allows you to record in and out of the water (it floats, so the camera doesn’t get lost) … and even serves as a bottle opener to relax after exercise.