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Apple’s VR headset is equipped with 14 cameras and Iris Scanning Tech

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New information based on a new report of The Information has uncovered some insights about the upcoming VR headset by Apple. Meta’s Quest Pro is a huge competitor of Apple’s devices. The report also describes some other features that distinguish Apple’s and Meta’s headsets.

In accordance with The Information’s article, the headset will be similar to a pair of ski goggles. Comprised of glass, aluminum, and mesh fabric, it will be thinner and weigh much less as compared to Quest Pro.

Additionally, the headset by Apple is capable of Iris scanning technology. Iris scanning tech will the users to log into their accounts as well as verify their payments.  Moreover, this technique will make the use of VR headsets by multiple users easier. In other words, we can say that iris scanning tech is equivalent to face and touch ID that is being used for iPhones, Mac, and iPads.

Furthermore, the users with glasses will be acclimated to using the headset. They will be able to use the headset by clipping the prescription lenses magnetically on the headset.

Apple is raising the standard for the competition. The new headset by Apple uses 14 cameras, whereas Quest Pro is equipped with only 10 cameras. Furthermore, the VR headset by Apple is capable of scanning the user’s legs which will enable the precise portrayal of a virtual avatar. In contrast, Meta’s Quest Pro lacks this feature. Some other distinguishing feature between Apple and Meta’s products is their background in the field of VR. Meta is a part of the Artificial intelligence field for seven years, but it does not out-compete the much stronger position created by Apple. Additionally, Apple seems to be more experienced in its hardware products.

Quest Pro by Meta was released on October 11. It will be soon available in markets by the end of this month starting off from $1499.99. though, Apple’s headset is currently facing several lags. It is expected to be released by 2023. 

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