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The Exynos 1330 processor of Galaxy A14 5G is better compared to the Exynos 850 processor of Galaxy A13 5G

Exynos is back

2022 is soon going to end. Given the start of next year, we are getting more and more information about the fresh lineup of devices scheduled for release in 2023. Similar is the case with Galaxy A series. We can expect the arrival of the Galaxy A series ahead of the Galaxy S23 series. The Galaxy A series comprises Galaxy A14 5G, Galaxy A54, and Galaxy A74. As of today, we have received some more insight about the display, processor, and Android version of Galaxy A14 5G.

As per information from @MyFixGuide, the Galaxy A14 5G was featured in the Google Play Console for developers. The listing showed that the Galaxy A14 5G will be based on the Exynos 1330 processor. The Exynos 1330 processor features:

  • two ARM Cortex-A78 CPU cores clocked at 2.4GHz
  • six ARM Cortex-A55 CPU cores clocked at 2GHz
  • the ARM Mali-G68 GPU with two cores and a clock speed of 950MHz

Given these specifications, the Exynos 1330 processor is expected to perform better in comparison to the Exynos 850 chipset that was used for Galaxy A13. It is also believed to outperform the MediaTek DImensity 700 chipset that was utilized for Galaxy A13 5G. Though, the Exynos 1330 chipset has not yet been announced. But it appears that it will have a better CPU as well as GPU performance in contrast to Exynos 850 and Dimnesity 700. This indicates that the new lineup of affordable smartphones by Samsung will perform efficiently compared to its predecessors.

Given the listing, it is expected that the Galaxy A14 5G could feature the following specifications.

  • a 90Hz refresh rate
  • 6GB RAM
  • Android 13
  • A 6.8-inch Full HD display resolution
  • a 13MP front-facing camera
  • a triple-camera setup on the rear [50MP back camera]
  • 5G
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi 5
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • USB Type-C port
  • A 5,000mAh battery
  • 15W fast charging
  • a side-mounted fingerprint reader

Well, it seems to be just a wait of a few more weeks. And then we will witness the Galaxy A14 5G officially in the market.

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