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The Federal Network Agency stopped selling millions of devices in 2021

Market surveillance by the Federal Network Agency may have prevented millions of illegal products from being sold to German consumers last year. In many cases, corresponding offers were blocked, the authority said. The monitoring of various online stores and trading platforms led to the identification of a total of 1936 product offers that did not comply with German law. Behind the in-store offers were a total of some 21.4 million individual products that were waiting for buyers in the dealers’ warehouses and could no longer be sold. Wireless headphones accounted for most of the products banned from sale. According to the information, a total of 7.7 million units were waiting for buyers here. In many cases, devices have been found here that worked with radio frequencies that are reserved in this country for security-related services such as police or firefighters. Numerous wireless headphones also had significant formal flaws, such as missing German user manuals or missing or incorrect technical documents.

Checks are also done in retail

Extremely cheap measuring equipment came in second with about 3.7 million units, followed by about 3.3 million remote-controlled drones. For both types of devices, formal deficiencies such as missing CE markings, identifiers or missing contact details of the responsible economic operator were increasingly found. Such products can often be found in the online trade because foreign suppliers can make them available on the major trading platforms without any problems. But also in the stationary retail sector, employees of the Federal Network Agency are on the road and carry out checks. Due to the Corona situation, this was only possible to a limited extent, but last year 3554 individual products were checked. The authority has issued a total of 23 sales bans and 1059 requests for rectification of non-compliant products, which together related to about one million devices in the warehouses. Also see:

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