The Google Pixel Watch 2 will no longer support wireless charging

The tech giant Google is all set to debut its Pixel Watch 2 and the Pixel 8 series today. In the past few days, we have come across several leaks about Google’s upcoming products. It seems like there is not much left for the official event.

In a way, the Google Pixel Watch 2 will do away with the wireless charging that the original model featured. Four pogo pins can be found on the official Pixel Watch 2 charger, which has been made public. As compared to the first-generation model, the upcoming model doesn’t support inductive charging. It can be charged with the included proprietary charger.

One thing to notice here is that the original Pixel Watch offered inductive charging without Qi certification. It didn’t even include the pogo pins. Well, this is a modern approach. Although there is no problem with pogo pins, they are just obsolete. Overall, conductive charging is more convenient and reliable.

The charger features pogo pins

The tipster, Arsène Lupin, who has conveyed several leaks about Google products in the last few days, has recently shared the images of the charger. The charger comes in white, irrespective of the smartwatch’s model. The charger features four Pogo pins and a Type-C plug. When you bring this charger close to the watch, it will magnetize to it, eliminating the need for manual alignment. In addition to this, the price of the charger was also revealed by the tipster. It will be available at a price tag of $29. Do note that it will be packaged with the Pixel Watch 2.

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