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The new AI system can identify person’s personality by tracking eye gestures

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A new AI system has been developed which can identify the person’s personality traits by just tracking the movements and gestures of the eye.

The machine-learning algorithms have been developed by the researchers of the Flinders University in Australia and the University of Stuttgart in Germany, which helps to build a relationship between the eye gestures and the personality type.

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The research claimed that it can be easily judged whether a person is conscientious, curious or sociable by tracking down the eye movements with the help of recently developed Artificial Intelligence algorithm software.

The researchers of the university have tracked the eye gestures of the 42 participants as they undertook everyday duties around the campus, and the researchers found their personality traits by using the AI system. The system can also build a link between the previously under-investigated eye gestures and the personality characteristic and gives important insights into the emerging fields of social robotics and social signal processing.

“We have developed this system to improve the interactions between the humans and machines as the people always go for improved and personalized services. However, the computers and robots of today’s era are not much socially aware, so they can’t determine or adopt the non-verbal gestures,” said Tobias Loetscher, of the University of South Australia.

“So, with the help of this research, we can easily develop the computers and robots which can become more natural, and also will be able to interpret the human social signals in a better way,” he added.

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