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The New iMac With M3 Chip Is Delayed By The End Of 2023

Apple is said to be working on a new iMac model with an improved M chip. However, it should still be a while before the market launch, because according to the rumor mill, there will be no iMac with an M2 chip, but only with an M3 again.

And that, it is now said, will come at the end of this year at the earliest: According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple has no plans to launch a new iMac with an M2 CPU.

In his latest “Power On” newsletter, Gurman reiterates his expectation that Apple will skip updating the iMac with the M2 chip and instead wait before releasing a model with the M3 chip (via MacRumors ). The M3 has not yet been announced. Apple’s M3 chip is expected to be manufactured based on TSMC’s latest 3nm process. In comparison, the M2 chip is manufactured on TSMC’s second-generation 5nm process.

The M3 chip should then offer additional improvements in performance and energy efficiency. According to further information, the M3 chip will initially be used in a new MacBook Air, which is expected to be launched in the second half of 2023.

Wait until the end of 2023

“I haven’t seen anything to suggest there will be a new iMac up to the M3 chip generation, which will be out later this year or next year at the earliest,” Gurman wrote. “So if you want to stick with the iMac, you’ll just have to be patient.” Apple last updated the iMac in April 2021, when it got the M1 chip and a new, ultra-thin design. In addition, Apple introduces the all-in-one PC in seven colors.

It’s also currently the only variant of the iMac, as both the Intel-based 27-inch iMac and the iMac Pro have already been discontinued. By the way, another suggestion from Gurman has not yet been confirmed. He had previously claimed that a larger iMac is set to return. So far, however, there is no new information.

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