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The new Plus button on Spotify replaces the heart button

The music streaming service Spotify recently announced on its newsroom the launch of its Plus button. According to the information, the new Plus button will substitute the like button. It is now accompanied by several new functions.

Given the new button, users can add songs, playlists, or albums to the list of liked songs. It is similar in functionality to the heart button. However, the heart button enables the users and streamers to like a song on the platform. As soon as the heart button is pressed, the song is saved to the list of liked songs under the library section. On the other hand, the new Plus button presents users with a lot more options. Thus, enhancing the user experience with the app.

The latest update by the company combines more functions with the new Plus buttons.

A single tap on the plus button will save the song to the playlist. While a second tap on the same button i.e., Plus button will enable the user to save the song in a particular playlist. Users will have the choice and freedom to sort out the different songs in their playlists. They can even create a new playlist.

Previously, the users were required to access the three-dot menu on the top of the now=playing interface in order to add a song to the playlist. Followed by this, the users were presented with the option “add to playlist” among the list of options. That was a time taking process. But now, the company has introduced a handy and robust method with the new Plus button.

The new button enables users to save songs, playlists, and podcasts. They can be streamed later. The new button is placed on the right side of the now-playing interface. It won’t be troublesome to locate the new button since it has taken the exact location of the heart button. Just click on the plus icon presented on the top of the album or playlist interface, just below the cover image. In this way, the song will be saved. The new upgrade is aimed at providing a better user experience. The new feature will roll out to global mobile users in gradual phases.

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