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Meta will introduce an AI persona feature for its messaging apps

Facebook and Meta

After the arrival of ChatGPT, tech companies have increased their efforts for introducing some other unique AI features. These companies focus on the development of specific features for their own platforms and products. Like we have observed some recent examples from Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Recently, Facebook announced that it has introduced Toolformer. Now another interesting thing is coming from the same platform.

Mark Zuckerberg shared in a recent on Facebook that soon Meta AI personas will be introduced for the company’s messaging apps. It will be introduced across Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. According to Mark, the new AI tool will help users with content creation and expression. This tool will be introduced before the Meta AI personas.

Besides this basic announcement, further details are unknown. However, it does give the users a look at the future artificial world that Meta is aiming at. It could be a generative AI model. According to the post, the upcoming project will be equally beneficial for everyday users, as well as across Meta’s various products.

It looks like the AI model by Meta could be similar to ChatGPT. However, it will be different in regard to its usage. Since it is assumed to be a generative AI it could help the users to generate media posts or curate messages. It could even enable a business page to answer the queries of consumers without human interference.

With the release of this feature, a unique way of interacting with Meta messaging apps will begin. As of now, the release schedule is unknown. However, it is expected that the creative and expressive tool will be introduced before Meta AI personas. We will hear more about this new AI feature in the coming weeks leading to the official launch.

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