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AI is being used by Spotify to replicate the radio experience

In the past, people use to utilize radio sets for listening to music. With the advancements in technology, music became available on streaming services. Despite these advancements, some people still miss the old days. Some of them even desire to relive those moments. Well, we have some great news for such users. Spotify is going to add a new AI feature that will operate as a personal radio DJ.

Spotify is continuously working hard to introduce new features that help retain the user base. The latest offering is definitely an interesting one. On a radio station, a DJ hosts a show and announces the next song. Such show hosting provides an overall good experience. although the sole purpose is not just to listen to music. Since people start to relate with the specific person hosting the show. To fill this loophole with the streaming services, Spotify is going to add an AI feature.

The company showed off the latest feature in a trailer. In the trailer, it is shown that an AI-generated voice welcomes the user. The commentary will be tailored to each user. AI will communicate with the user in real-time. It will notify the user about the upcoming song. Where the songs will be placed in a randomly generated list.

Besides this, the AI feature will talk about the song as well. As of now, the feature is available to premium subscriber users in Canada and the US. Don’t forget to update your app. Go to Music Feed and click on the DJ card.

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