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The new technology by Tecno enables users to change the color of their smartphones

The mobile company Tecno has come forward with a new technology that enables users to alter the color of their smartphone. Users are given the choice of over a thousand different colors. These colors are applied to the back side of the smartphone. Besides this, the technology has the capacity to change the color based on the smartphone’s activity or battery status.

Reportedly, the company introduced the new tech at MWC 2023. The new technology is called Tecno’s Chameleon Coloring Technology. It is based on “full-spectrum electrically-controller prism coloring technology.’’ It utilizes a grid of sub-micron prism material. The material shifts in direction when an electric field is applied. A precise and accurate method for controlling the direction of material has been introduced by the company. In this way, different colors could be achieved. Prism reflects the light in different wavelengths to generate different shades.

The prism material is inserted into the back panel of the smartphone. Users can manually change the color by pressing a button. GSMArena reports that this tech has 1600 different shades. Besides this, users are presented with configuration options that enable them to switch colors based on different activities like battery level or music and incoming notifications. Furthermore, there might be an option for unique back colors for particular apps on the smartphone.

According to the reports, it just takes a fraction of a second for the panel to change colors (just about 0.03 seconds). Before the expiration date of the prism material, it can be used around two million times. Besides this, the tech takes up around as much power as watching a 5-minute video when a user uses it 100 times in a day. So, we can say that it will rarely affect the smartphone’s battery life.