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Even Twitter is considering introducing an AI chatbot

Since the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI several companies have initiated efforts in similar directions. The trend is not only restricted to search engines rather social media apps are acquiring it too. Until now Microsoft, Google, Snapchat, Meta, and others have come forward with advanced AI tools and features. now, some interesting news is coming from the social media platform Twitter. It appears like Elon Musk is interested in introducing a chatbot for Twitter.

Currently, Twitter is facing hard times. Since the takeover of Twitter by Musk, the platform has undergone several layoffs, stress, and drama at the HQ. after all this, the CEO has declared that he will leave his position later at some point this year. Some users are quite happy with this news. Besides this, the platform is not just done with major modifications. The source CNET reported that Elon is looking to add an AI chatbot to the social media platform.

According to the report by CNET, Musk could develop a research lab. Even the CEO has contacted Igor Babuschkin. He has previous work experience at Alphabet on its DeepMind AI. Besides this, no other details have been shared. For this reason, the recent news can be taken with a grain of salt.

It appears that Musk is interested in building something from scratch. Thus following similar footprints as Google. As of now, there is no information on when the platform will receive the user-facing product. However, it could be a little too late. Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT is already super accessible. Google was not quite successful with Bard. On the other hand, Bing AI and My AI are in the testing phase. So, the chatbot by Twitter will be presented with a tall hill to climb.

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