The pinned hashtag feature on X will soon be available to Community Admins

Just recently, we learned that Pinned Hashtags are coming to Communities on X. Well, it is a great addition that will help users stay aware of the top trends. The new feature will be accessible to Community Admins. Presently, hashtags in communities are determined by members’ popular topics, and administrators have limited influence over the hashtags that users view.

As new hashtags are generated, old ones are pushed down the list. It makes it difficult for administrators to keep communities updated with a great influx of hashtags, specifically in situations where the community’s attention is required on one specific topic. The traces of the new feature were identified in the codes of the latest version of the app. Do note that the feature is currently unavailable. It is available to some communities as part of the testing phase.

Two years ago Community feature arrived on X. The feature was targeted at users who share the same ideas and thoughts on a topic. Since then, a lot of Communities on different topics ranging from sports and politics to fashion and technology have been formed on X. Under the leadership of Elon Musk, Communities are getting better and the Pinned Hashtag feature is one example.

Since last year, Communities had the hashtag feature. Community members may discuss a variety of subjects with one another by using hashtags. X is now getting ready to allow administrators to pin hashtags so that users will remember them when browsing the community postings. It is expected that the feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks. In addition to this, the voice and video call features are now rolling out on X.

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