Charge Meter app measures the speed of charging for your phone

Another interesting app on the Play Store is Charge Meter. This app measures and displays the charging speed of your Android device. This information is dependent on the charger you’re using.

Charger meter app displays the speed of your phone charging

Simply launch the app, insert the device, and you’re good to go. In addition to seeing whether chargers are working as planned, you can test which one charges your phone the fastest this way. It goes without saying that by doing this, you can discard some chargers that are either faulty or may no longer function properly. The Charge Meter provides you with several charging statistics.

As mentioned before, it provides a wealth of charging information, which includes some generally helpful battery information. You may get real-time battery capacity measurements using this app. The battery consumption and discharge speed of each app can also be observed by the app.

It also contains other kind of stats

Some of the main statistics displayed by the app are as follows:

  • It displays the remaining charging time along with the remaining use time.
  • It also displays the battery temperature.
  • It also tracks live charging use of the app.

The app comes with a light theme as the default and can also be switched to a dark theme. However, it’ll require a premium version of the app. This feature is restricted behind a paywall. Widgets for the home screen and picture-in-picture mode for reduced viewing are equivalent. Upon upgrading to premium, the advertisements will also vanish. As one might imagine, they are part of the free version.

The UI of the app is user-friendly and basic. All the stats will be shown to you on the screen, and you can tap on the primary stats to see more of them. The gallery below allows you to see how the UI appears.

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