The recently released beta of Adobe Firefly AI now supports prompts in more than 100 languages


Back in May, Adobe introduced the generative AI feature to Photoshop. The feature was named Firefly generative AI. With the introduction of the AI assistant, the company added a creative co-pilot to the famous software. One thing to notice here is that Firefly is still in the beta phase. The company has rolled out some fresh updates for the generative AI feature. Given the latest updates, users can now benefit from the support of more than 100 languages. Thus, indicating that users can give prompts in any one of the supported 100 languages.

The recent development was shared by Alexandru Costin from Adobe in a blog post. He went on to say that the community is sharing its feedback for the Firefly AI beta. Among the most requested features, the ability to support more languages is the most demanded.

The blog post read that, I really understand this requirement, having grown up in Romania where we spoke a different native language. It’s crucial to be able to communicate your ideas in a style that seems natural and comfortable to you. For this reason, we have added support for prompts in over 100 languages to the Firefly beta website. Users can enter the prompts in their preferred language and generate the desired results with Generative Recolor, Text to Image, Text Effects, or Generative Fill.

Besides this new feature, the website is now available in more than 20 languages. Adobe Firefly AI website is now available in French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish, and Japanese. Where support for more languages will be added in the upcoming weeks and months.

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