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The Photos app by Google can now show RAW images by default

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The images captured directly from the sensor are RAW images. In reality, RAW images are unprocessed images. They are larger in size. Unlike normal photos, RAW images are neither polished nor processed by the camera app. However, if some user has editing skills, then these can turn out into breathtaking images.  Besides all this basic information, recently new code strings were identified in the latest version of the Google Photos app for Android. These code strings might be an indication that the company is working on the option to save the RAW images in the main feed of the Photos app.  

Presently, the RAW photos captured on any Android smartphone are saved in a RAW file. These files have no backup to the cloud due to the reason that they are larger in size and require more cloud storage space compared to normal photos. For this purpose, the Backup option is always turned off for RAW images. That is why they are not shown in the main feed of the Google Photos app.

The folks at 9to5Google spotted the new code strings. From these strings, it can be depicted that the scenario might change as it mentions that RAW photos could be accessed here. So, soon the users will be able to view the RAW files in the main feed. However, they won’t have the option for backup to cloud storage.

In addition to this, another string suggests that RAW images could still be uploaded. It could be possible even when the default settings had the toggle turned off for RAW images. Moreover, the folks at 9to5Google pointed out that there is a phrase that indicates that RAW images could be backed up. It is not possible until there is a typo. However, the situation is quite confusing how could this work?

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