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The Total worth of Top 10 Tech Companies Reached $5.7 Trillion

Top 10 tech giants

The tech companies have been growing faster than ever since 2000, and in mere 19 years, the collective worth of Top 10 Tech Companies Reached $5.7 Trillion.

These top ten tech companies are well known globally, some of them are not entirely tech companies but have other business units as well like Amazon and Alibaba. Between these top 10 tech companies, only Amazon and Alibaba are the ones that are also from the retail sector. Amazon has become a giant of the retail sector in the past few years and it’s expanding fast, quite recently the company has announced to create 1800 more jobs in France, Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos also become the world’s wealthiest businessman in 2018. The company also become 1 trillion-dollar company last year after Microsoft and Apple.

Here is the Fresh List of Top Ten Valued Tech Companies in the World

According to Bloomberg, the data indicated the total value of the company Microsoft still stands at number 1 followed by Apple and Amazon. And there are two Chinese companies in the top 10 tech companies in the world.

  1. Microsoft

The worth of Microsoft is recorded at $1.05 trillion in 2019

  • Apple

Apple’s sales went down for the last few years and its new projects are not as hit as they were a few years back hence reducing its total worth to $943 billion

  • Amazon

Amazon stands currently at $879 million and the company’s growth rate is also impressive as compared to other tech companies.

  • Google

Google is the king of search engine and other internet services, the company currently stands at $843 billion.

  • Facebook

Facebook is another giant in tech world, most of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising, the company stands at $530 billion.

  • Alibaba

Alibaba is Chinese owned retail platform, the company has expanded globally in the very short period of time which is cheaper and quality products offerings, the company has also other business units to generate extra revenue, Alibaba’s worth is $456 billion.

  • Tencent

Tencent is a Chinese investment holding conglomerate, the company’s subsidiaries specialize in technology, internet services products, and entertainment along with artificial intelligence technologies, the company currently stands at $394 billion.

  • Taiwan Semiconductor

Taiwan Semi is a Taiwanese technology company specializes in manufacturing semiconductors for various electronics products; it has various subsidiaries which also specializes in different technologies. The company stands at $221 billion

  • Samsung

Samsung is one of the oldest companies on the list but the company could not make it to the top, unfortunately, however, it is still a popular company around the world, Samsung specializes mostly in electronics and its products are recognized worldwide. The company is valued at $217 billion.

  1. Intel

Intel is well known in making processors for desktop computers, laptops, mobiles, and other products, the company is standing at $210 billion currently.

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