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The VPN Features You Should Look for in 2022

With VPN usage on the rise throughout the developed world (nearly half of UK Internet users have utilized this type of technology at some point in the past), people are becoming increasingly aware of this technology and its primary benefits.

However, as the market for VPN clients becomes increasingly competitive, we’re also seeing more sophisticated products emerge, each of which offers a broader selection of features and benefits to users.

In this article, we’re going to look at the core and advanced VPN features you should look for in 2022 while asking why such considerations are important:

#1. A Clear VPN Logging Policy

Most VPN clients market themselves as having a “zero-logging” policy, but this term is often used quite loosely and isn’t necessarily indicative of what you can expect as a user.

For example, while a VPN client may openly lead with the message ‘We Don’t Log ANY INFORMATION’ (or a similarly conclusive marketing strapline), the actual terms of usage may actually discuss the collation of information pertaining to connection speeds and success, the VPN locations that you use and individual server locations.

Of course, none of this information is particularly revealing or troubling by itself, but it does contradict the core marketing premise and potentially raises issues of trust and transparency that don’t reflect well on the client in question.

So, when appraising and downloading a VPN for UK usage, we’d urge you to review the client’s privacy policy in full, as while this may sometimes cloak terms in legal jargon, it should provide a clearer insight what data is collected and how it’s subsequently used.

#2. Accessible and Instant Customer Support

While this is a feature that’s all too easy to overlook when appraising the technical spec of a VPN client, it can prove absolutely crucial and also helps to distinguish between reputable and rogue operators.

Certainly, you may be known to use your Internet and VPN connection at all times of the day and night, so it’s important that you’re able to secure support and a resolution instantly rather than having to wait 24 hours or more for a response.

VPN clients have caught onto this, which is why premium paid service providers are now looking to integrate live customer support into their platforms. This usually means operating live chat functionality 24/7, which comes at a considerable cost to operators but optimizes the level of support on offer considerably.

Ideally, this should be combined with responsive email support and a comprehensive, on-site FAQ resource, as the client should make it as easy as possible for you to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

Remember, this is also indicative of a reputable and market-leading client, while it also provided some context and justification for your paid subscription.

#3. Split Tunneling

Next up is an advanced and optional VPN usage feature, which affords you a little more control over how you utilize your virtual private network and treat different apps or websites differently.

For example, ‘split tunneling’ through a VPN enables you to determine which programs, websites and dedicated apps are accessed through the encrypted protocol, and which can be reached directly through your private or public Internet connection.

In general terms, this means that you’ll be able to decide what receives VPN encryption and what doesn’t, and this may only have limited appeal, it could prove priceless in countries where only specific sites and platforms are restricted.

Take China, for example, where VPN split tunneling can be used when accessing all websites and resources that have been blocked by the government (such as Facebook). All other traffic can subsequently be routed through the basic Internet connection, potentially increasing the speed of performance overall.

Ultimately, this is a neat and advanced feature with specific benefits, and it should be given careful consideration if you use your devices for multiple purposes simultaneously and travel regularly abroad.

The Last Word

So, there you have it, three important (and in some cases) advanced VPN features that should be considered when comparing the market in 2022.

Such factors should also be considered alongside pricing and the combination of protocols used to help safeguard your connection and optimize performance

For example, any VPN client that combines OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols tends to strike the delicate balance between speed and security, which are the two primary considerations overall.

Just remember to compare each product in full before taking out a subscription, as this will ensure that you make an informed and ultimately beneficial decision.

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