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There’s a new dark mode for WhatsApp Web under development

Dark mode and light mode in an app are considered as aesthetic for many users whereas WhatsApp is considering it much more than aesthetics. WhatsApp’s recent update in December brought in major improvements for its dark mode. The dark mode was almost redesigned with this update. Although, there were no amendments for WhatsApp web for now.

WhatsApp has started testing status sharing updates via web clients. Along with status update, WhatsApp is also working on a latest dark theme for its web clients. As per reports from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing a dark theme update for its web clients. This update will align the dark mode on web with Android app closely.

The new color palette for WhatsApp Web comes on the heels of the Android app’s switch to dark mode. This new design is hardly surprising given that people want a similar look across all platforms. Unfortunately, because the new web client dark theme is still in the works, it is not yet publicly available. WhatsApp chose to change the gray background color from #111b20 to #12181c, a minor but noticeable difference. The new color palette is darker and will be gentler on the eyes for lengthy periods of WhatsApp bingeing.

A redesigned sidebar complements the visual overhaul of the online client. According to WABetaInfo, Meta developers are hard at work creating a new sidebar to complement the current one. With WhatsApp online’s rising popularity, the bulk of new features are now being added to both the Android app and the online client. Because the web version can function on any machine with a browser, it provides a diverse option for users who do not have access to a native WhatsApp client.

WhatsApp released major changes in December, including the inclusion of bookmarked messages and the option to search for individuals by username. To improve user experience, the platform is constantly updating and testing new features. A redesigned dark style for its online client to match the Android app coincides with those objectives. The heavier dark theme is currently being worked on and should be finished soon to be available with future updates.