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This is How All New Windows 12 Could Look Like

It is de facto certain that Microsoft will release a Windows 12. While it is currently not clear what this will look like, one should not assume that the Redmond company will throw everything that has gone before overboard. A new Windows 12 concept video doesn’t do that either, but it has many ideas – and they inspire.

Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed the successor to Windows 11, but it is more or less an open secret that Windows 12 is coming and will be called that. At the moment, however, one can only speculate as to what this version will look like. A designer by the name of Addy Visuals has now done the same, creating a video that shows a – unofficial, of course – concept of Microsoft’s next operating system via Neowin.

Lots of fantastic ideas for Windows 12

And one can only hope that one gets to see this video in Redmond and learns a lot. Because the ideas that Addy Visuals has here are really worth seeing. It should be noted, however, that the maker of the video has a free hand, as he does not have to deal with the technical limitations of software, but can implement his ideas without any code corset.

Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that numerous requests from Windows users have been incorporated here. In many cases, this Windows 12 is also a kind of mixture of Windows 11 and its predecessor. This can be seen, for example, in the start menu, which is reminiscent of the Windows 11 version both visually and in terms of position, but is functionally based on Windows 10.

The “split” taskbar has been heavily revised. This not only looks chic but also masters various tricks that not only look classy ​​but also appear to be quite practical. “Windows 12” offers a lot of customization options, and the respective UI elements are very flexible.

For example, the calendar can be dragged directly from the associated window onto the desktop as a widget. We also really like the way app icons are grouped and dragged to the taskbar. But as mentioned: The whole thing is just a concept that doesn’t take into account the harsh reality of programming.

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