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This Is How WhatsApp Data To iOS Device Works

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WhatsApp will soon be launching a new feature with which you can easily switch your chat history from iOS to Android. Snoopers from Xdadevelopers could now find screenshots on which we can see a new function.

The WhatsApp messenger saves your chat history locally on the mobile phone memory. What brings a bit more data protection compared to Telegram, is cumbersome when switching to a new cell phone. While transferring WhatsApp from Android to Android is easy, switching from iOS to Android is more complicated.

As the WhatsApp experts from Wabetainfo have now found out on Twitter, WhatsApp is working on a new feature for switching between iOS and Android. Although it has been known for a long time that Facebook is working on the function, the first screenshots have now appeared. The pictures from the Xdadevelopers forum already show how the new function works in detail.

This is how the WhatsApp switch between iOS and Android works

There will soon be a new setting in the iOS version of WhatsApp. As the screenshots show, this will be labeled as “Move chats to Android” and can be found in the Messenger settings. In order to use the feature, you have to connect the Android mobile phone and the iPhone with each other with a cable. So a USB-C to Lightning cable is an important requirement. However, this is included with newer iPhone models, such as the iPhone 12.

If both phones are connected, you obviously have to scan a QR code that is displayed on the Android phone. As Wabetainfo writes, the feature is currently under development and will be rolled out in a future update. It is currently unclear when exactly this update will be available.