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WhatsApp To Create More Secure Backups With New Encryption

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Important feature discovered in the latest WhatsApp beta! Apparently, Facebook will soon allow you to save backups using a 64-character key. This gives the messenger an important security feature, but one that also harbors a great danger.

In the current versions for Android and Apple iOS, Messenger WhatsApp automatically creates backups. The backup copies end up in Google Drive under Android and in iCloud with Apple. In the latest beta version of WhatsApp, the snoopers from Wabetainfo were able to discover an important feature. In the future, it will be possible to encrypt WhatsApp backups using a security key. This means that your chat history is safe even if, for example, someone gains unauthorized access to your Google Drive.

Your Own Password Or 64-Character Key

As with most WhatsApp messages, your backups will soon benefit from end-to-end encryption. A feature with which WhatsApp shines despite the security concerns of many users – the Messenger Telegram only encrypts messages by default, for example, if you expressly point it out.

WhatsApp gives you the choice: Either you use your own password or you can display a 64-character security key that you have to enter when opening a backup. The latter in particular is very safe, but it also harbors a great danger. If you lose or forget the security key, even WhatsApp can no longer decrypt your backups. It is currently not yet clear when exactly the feature will be available in the official WhatsApp version. The version in which Wabetainfo was able to find the feature is “”.