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Once-vital Google Chrome’s feature is done for, but you won’t miss it

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For a fair reason, Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser available today. In addition to being fast and efficient, it can also open PDF files, cast wirelessly to multiple displays, and even remove viruses from your computer. While the software is bursting at the seams with features, this week we’re learning about something that’s disappearing because the tool used to fight malware and fix Chrome misbehavior is currently being deprecated. Although Chrome won’t become any less secure or efficient because of this change,

To reverse unwanted changes to Chrome settings and remove related malware from your machine, Google introduced the Chrome Cleaning Tool over ten years ago, in 2015. In respect to the overall number of Chrome users, the tool has been used 80 million times in its existence. With the release of Chrome 111, Google has started to deprecate the Chrome Cleaning Tool.

Simply put, Google maintains that Chrome users no longer really benefit from the Cleaning Tool. According to statistics from the previous year, only 3% of Chrome users reported malware complaints, and only 0.06% of Cleaning Tool scans detected undesirable software.

But none of these suggests that Chrome wants to abandon us. Chrome users should be protected thanks to Google’s Safe Browsing feature, the continually improved Chrome Web Store inspection procedure, and developments in antivirus software. While many undesirable programs now pass as browser extensions, Chrome does a fantastic job of protecting you from phishing sites and other dangerous websites.

Before you install Chrome 111, you can, if you’d like, give the Cleaning Tool one last test run. Under the overflow menu’s Settings > Reset and clean up > Clean up computer > Find, you can find it. Therefore, the absence of the feature shouldn’t have any impact on how you browse.

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