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App developers can now charge for any App Store’s purchase

App developers are now able to charge between 900 and 1,200 points for any app store purchase. This charge can be up to $1.

The scheduled price change by Apple has been applied, bringing the total number of price points accessible to developers to 900. This is a significant improvement from the $0.99 intervals and absence of whole-number values that were present in the past.

Developer documentation states that in-app purchases and app store prices can benefit from the new values. They include $0.10 increments up to $10 and $0.50 intervals up to $50.

Customers will therefore notice a lot more programs priced at $1 as opposed to the traditional $0.99, and in-app purchases can now be made for as little as $0.29. The maximum price a developer can charge is $10,000, but only with Apple’s express consent.

Along with this price point rise, further options for managing global pricing are available. In order to set a price, developers can do so using local currency exchange rates or pricing customs.

The deadline for developers to establish regional base prices is May 9, 2023. Apple will implement the revised pricing across 175 App Store locations on that day.

If developers do nothing, Apple will update rates based on the going rate in the United States. As an alternative to employing an equalized price, developers can control the prices of specific stores.

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