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This stalker-ware tracked thousands of Android and iPhones

Tech experts have warned about Riddled, a mostly used stalker-ware application that contains security flaws and poses a risk of exposing your data to third parties.

Xnspy allows you to observe the activities of your partner, spouse, and even your children once they get it installed on their devices. The application keeps working in the background, secretly, and keeps sending the information to the installer.

According to an investigation performed by Techcrunch, the tools provided by Xnspy can cause legal issues and pose a high risk to data security. Its use of hidden policies can cause a high risk of identity theft.

What did the researchers uncover?

Researchers “Vangelis Stykas” and “Felipe Selferini” claimed after a lengthy investigation that the app contained flaws that were relatively easy to exploit and had been present for many years.

According to the report, these flaws contain the codes and credential keys left behind by developers, as well as a warning of broken encryption.

The research initially revealed Android users as the target audience of this app. However, many iPhone users were also compromised through this app.

In 2022, it had over 60,000 victims reported by Techcrunch.

It’s unlikely that we’ve seen the last of the contentious technology, despite Google banning the sale of stalkerware from its app store in August 2020 and afterwards erasing any ads that appeared on its platform.

The situation prevented thousands of users from using this app.

If research from cybersecurity company Avast is to be believed, there was a 93% surge in the use of stalker and spyware apps in the UK immediately after lockdown measures were initially implemented.

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