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TikTok gets officially banned in Montana


TikTok is facing tough and challenging times. Many countries are concerned about the privacy and security policies of the platform. In line with this situation, last month we heard that Montana proposed a bill that demanded banning TikTok across the state. Before the final approval of the bill, it required a signature from Montana Governor Greg Gianforte. As of now, the bill has been signed and finally approved. The bill even considers a $10,000 fine per violation.

As per the reports from The Wall Street Journal, the bill will completely ban TikTok across the state. The bill is effective from January 1, 2024. With this major step, Montana is the first state in the US to ban the video-sharing app. As part of this bill, ByteDance can’t operate any kind of function in Montana. In case of violations, a fine of $10,000 will be charged. Notably, the fine won’t be imposed on the user rather it will be imposed on ByteDance.

Despite the approval from the state, the likelihood of legal challenges does exist. Furthermore, the US government has already banned the video-sharing app on government devices. In addition to the US government, several other countries have also banned TikTok on government devices.

According to ByteDance, the Chinese corporation that owns TikTok, the legality of the restriction of TikTok in Montana will be decided by the courts. The business promises to “continue to fight for Montana TikTok users and creators whose livelihoods and First Amendment rights are threatened by this egregious government overreach.”

If TikTok is banned federally in the United States or if “TikTok severs its Chinese connections,” according to the state of Montana, the bill would be null and void. Despite the fact that they would be subject to $10,000 fines for each infraction, Apple and Google have not publicly reacted to this legislation.

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