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TikTok Series will enable creators to lock their content behind a paywall

The social site TikTok is used by tons of users. For this reason, plenty of ad revenue is generated by the platform. Besides this, the company is now going to introduce another option for generating revenue. Reportedly, TikTok is going to introduce a new program i.e., Series. Given this new update, the content will be locked behind a paywall.

Although Ad revenue is one of the best options for generating revenue. Still, the company is going to introduce a new method. The company mentioned in a blog post that with TikTok Series selected/eligible creators will be able to put their content behind a paywall.

The name Series is given to the latest feature given the fact that creators will be able to post collections of videos. Followed by this, the creators will choose the price of the collection. Of course, this will be a very careful step since pricing can greatly impact the user base of the creators. As of now, the details about the pricing criteria are missing. It will unveil with time whether a creator can charge freely or set up the limit with the given intervals.

Furthermore, the Series can have up to 80 videos. where the duration of each video in the Series can exceed 20 minutes. Such strategies well-align with the speculation that TikTok is heading towards the promotion of long-form content.

The latest update or Series feature will be available only to creators who apply for it. The company will start the applications in the coming months. Well, there is no word on the eligibility criteria. It could be a certain follower count or views within the specified time frame. More information will pour in as the company gets closer to introducing the program.