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Top Selling Smartphone Brands in Q3 of 2017

Samsung and Apple are still leading the smartphone market but the overall market share has been reshaping with the launch of Chinese brands. The Chinese brands are spreading across the globe eating up the market share of big names Samsung and Apple. But Korean giant and US giant are not that easy to be forgotten.

Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi’s strategy to focus emerging markets and low-income users has worked so well in the past few years. Now the Chinese companies are inflating with every quarter.

According to the sales figures published today, for the third quarter (Q3) 2017, Samsung tops the list by shipping 85.6 million units worldwide. Samsung’s market share in Q3 2016 was 19.3% which jumped to 22.3% in Q3 2017.

The runner-up Apple shipped 45.4 million units in Q3 2017 however, Apple saw little increase in market share. The market share increased to 11.9% from previous years same quarter which was 11.6%.

Huawei secured the third place followed by Oppo and Xiaomi. Huawei sold 36.5 million units in Q3 2017, the market share of the company was increased to 9.5% as compared to previous Q3 2016 which was accounted for 8.7%.

Oppo shipped 29.4 million units with market share 7.7% which was 6.6% during the Q3 2016. Xiaomi had a significant growth during 2017. The Chinese company has sold 26.9 million units globally. The company had only 4% market share in Q3 2016 which saw a big jump to 7% in Q3 2017.

Samsung outperformed all the brands in terms of units sold as well as market share increase, Xiaomi also performed almost similar to Samsung in terms of market share.

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