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Top Startups: Pakistan’s Top Award Winning Startups In 2016

Pakistan is the place where IT industry is growing rapidly, there is still lot of room for new startups to bring innovation and digitalization to the economy and society. But most of the IT companies mainly focus on providing services to other startups and established companies abroad. This trend is positive as long as you generate revenues, but large companies should also focus on new startups which could change the dynamics of the country.

Here are the TOP 3 startups which received award from PSEB last year.

1 SynergyIT

SynergyIT is a startup founded in 2013, it provides outsourcing/offshoring services to the clients based in Europe. It’s not new in Pakistan that a company is providing services offshore. The startup got success in few years. The company’s major clients are based in Denmark.



2 VentureDive

Venture Dive is another young startup which received Gold award in startups category from PSEB. The company has developed several mobile apps and websites for their clients. The company mainly provides services in mobile app and web applications development.


3 MD Vision

MD Vision provides healthcare IT services, it is the company more or less similar to MTBC. Company’s core services are Medical billing, Consultation, surgery centers management, warehousing management and transportation.


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