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Top Trending 200 Startups and Entrepreneurial Trends of 2018

Trending Startups in 2018—Startups in this technology era are no doubt thriving, despite the fact that many startups fail in the initial stage still the number of startups at present is the all-time high. We can say that we are in the golden age of startups now. Technology has revolutionized the way we used to communicate, collaborate, work, trade, and share information.

Kempler has analyzed the data which focused on top 200 startups globally that are ranked by Startup Ranking.

Trending Startups

The Ride-sharing and Room-sharing startups topped the list including Uber and Airbnb. Publishing platform Medium, social media management platform Hootsuite and GIF-based service Giphy made it to the top 10 list.

You can also get the insights of top 200 startups globally, the startups are segmented into 19 different categories according to the end service they provide users. The categories include; buying, selling, finding, meeting, search, transport, delivering, organizing, publishing and more.

As the internet has become so much saturated, users are now eager to find things relevant to their interest, finding the places, content, rooms to rent, jobs, deals and much more. The finding category startups are in the first place. While startups in buying and organizing category are ranked no. 2 and 3. However, in Malaysia, the top startups are in buying category which accounts for 61 percent of the country’s top startups.

In America, finding things seems to be of an interest for internet users, a home to 72 of the top 200 startups is more focused in helping people to find what they are looking for. Finding startups are the most popular in America along with the organizing category.

If we consider the number of top startups country wise, India comes at second while Canada is the third top country in ranking. India has 13 top startups on the list of 200 and Canada has 10.

Moreover, 20 percent of the startups in top 15 are business communication tools, 33 percent of the startups in top 15 help users to create and share the content.

There is much more to learn from the statistics given below;


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