Traffic Violators Are Soon to Get E-Tickets

As an initiative to take the Islamabad’s traffic police also into the folds of an extensively booming technological takeover, the capital’s traffic police are soon expected to start giving out e-tickets to the motorists in case they violate the traffic rules and regulations.

This would soon be put into effect and the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) would be seen issuing the e-tickets.

The new system is anticipated to be introduced in a month’s time. Under this system, the wardens would be issuing the tickets using their respective smartphones.

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Additionally, for making the fine paying process much simpler, easier and paperless most importantly, the traffic rule violators would be able to pay their due fines at the many telecom outlets scattered in between the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Relating this new implementation, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between the police department and the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) at the General Inspector’s office on Monday. The agreement was signed between Saeed Ahmed—NBP CEO and President and Sultan-e-Azam Temuri—the IG Islamabad.

This collaboration would allow the issuance of the e-tickets to the drivers via a specialized smartphone application along with an additional electronic receipt to the rule violating driver through short messaging services (SMS).

The federal capital traffic police department said in this regard that this system would bring transparency to the ticket issuing process and would also be making the ticket issuance process and also the collection procedure much simpler.

While explaining the new system the officials mentioned that whenever a traffic warden would spot a traffic violator, the driver would then be issued a ticket. The driver, in turn, would get a message about the violation and the amount of fine that needs to be paid.

The fine could be paid at any mobile banking retailer.

The officials further mentioned that this process would save the time of the rule violators from standing in long lines at banks for paying their due fines.

Saeed Ahmed—the NBP Chief mentioned that this system would save a lot of time and would reduce the chances of book-entry errors as everything would be done digitally.

The IGP Islamabad mentioned that this is one of the digital facilities that the Islamabad’s police is trying to introduce.

He further mentioned that the introduction of e-tickets would not only ease the life of the traffic police but would also benefit the public.

The SSP-Traffic said that the ITP officials are currently being trained by the NBP relating running the new system. He further mentioned that the driving license fees would also be made payable by the mobile banking retailers.

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