Tumblr is drastically reducing its workforce

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In the modern age, we have modern options for social media platforms. Given this, old social media platforms are slowly and gradually giving up. As of now, we have received some information regarding the company Tumblr. A recent report from Engadget suggests that the company will relocate the social media employees within the company to work on other projects.

Tumblr was founded in 2007. In 2019, it was acquired by Automattic from Verizon. The company tried but lost the competition to other rivals. Right now, Tumblr has a 135 million monthly active user base. According to Tumblr’s parent company, Automattic, the desired results were not obtained. It could be the possible reason behind this change. The notes from the internal memo reveal that around 139 workers will work on other Automattic projects.

The remaining employees will manage the platform. Thus, we shouldn’t anticipate seeing new features introduced by Tumblr. But we applaud Automattic for choosing not to fire the employees. Additionally, the company owns Gravatar, the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce, and WordPress, a well-known blogging program.

According to the information, the intention was to surpass prior peaks in Tumblr’s usage and revenue. But despite “600+ person-years of effort,” the desired outcome was not achieved. Furthermore, the next step will focus on brainstorming about the strategies and areas that need more focus. Previously, in July, Automattic declared that Tumblr would undergo a massive change.

The team was trying to “enhance our algorithmic ranking abilities throughout all feeds” and “make it simpler for users to comprehend where the active communities on Tumblr are,” according to a document that was posted to the Tumblr Staff blog back then. All of these efforts have gone in vain due to the recent decision.

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