An extensive AI integration and feature update is on the way for Siri


According to the information shared by a tipster, Apple is all set to redesign Siri. Notably, the voice assistant will receive new features beyond the design and UI updates. The company is using LLM technology that has been pre-trained on huge data for this update.

Because of this AI technology’s adaptability and capacity to handle massive amounts of data simultaneously, many large tech businesses employ it to train their various models. Although there are no official details about this revamp, the tipster claims that it will launch soon. Furthermore, he claims that the update will be made public during the WWDC 2024 event.

The tipster shares that Apple is going to incorporate several AI features into Siri. In this way, the efficiency of Apple’s voice assistant will be improved. Besides this, the new updated features won’t be accessible for all Apple devices. In addition to Apple, Samsung and Google are also working on introducing AI features to their devices. Even chip makers like Qualcomm are interested in introducing future chips with AI features.

On the other hand, tech giant Google has used AI features like machine learning and imaging on its chips since the Pixel 6 series. The South Korean tech giant Samsung will add AI features to its upcoming flagship Galaxy S24 series. For Apple to introduce AI features on its devices, the company must first introduce AI features to Bionic chips and debut them with the iPhone 16 series. From this point, we will begin noticing the Siri redesign.

The new AI features will be available on both Siri and cloud integration. Furthermore, this information must be taken with a grain of salt since there is nothing official about it yet.

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