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Tweets are now rebranded to posts on X

X will unveil its new terms of service by the end of this month, i.e., on September 29. Given the new terms of service, the tweets are going away. Yes, you read it right; the platform is discontinuing the tweets and instead adopting a new name for this feature.

According to the information unveiled by The Verge, tweets will now be known as posts. Well, this is quite a generic modification. It might not be welcomed by users since many disliked Twitter’s transformation to X, and something similar is happening to tweets now. Given the fact that Tweets will now be recognized as posts, the retweets will now be termed as reposts.

Twitter was well-known for tweets. If we say that tweets were the main recognizing factor for Twitter, then it won’t be wrong. However, Elon Musk seems to have changed the entire branding of the platform. It might be the result of the shift of focus from a simple platform to an everything app. It seems to be inspired by China’s WeChat.

Twitter was rebranded to X just recently

Most of us are aware that recently Twitter was rebranded with X. In an effort to achieve his target, Musk altered the whole branding of Twitter. Reportedly, X will receive several new features, like job hiring features, payments, audio and video calls, and others. In line with Musk’s dream of changing Twitter or X to an everything app, the platform will receive plenty of features that will keep users on the platform.

Well, this is not quite an easy task, it is time-consuming. The above-mentioned might arrive soon, but there are several others in the pipeline. Musk paid a hefty amount to acquire Twitter. We’ll see if his conviction that the business will grow as a result of the new branding and emphasis pans out.

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