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Twitch is experimenting with a discovery feed inspired by TikTok

There is no second opinion on the popularity of TikTok. It seems like various social media platforms have taken inspiration from TikTok’s vertical scrolling feed. Besides the social media platforms, other platforms like Spotify and YouTube Music have even adopted TikTok’s vertically scrolling feeds.

As of now, another app has taken some sort of inspiration from TikTok. According to the information provided by The Verge, Twitch is experimenting with the Discovery Feed. It is basically a TikTok-style feed.

Twitch is experimenting with a discovery feed

It might sound odd, but the company is trying it out. Users access Twitch to visualize live content instead of pre-recorded content like video clips or VODs. You might be able to avoid missing out on clips by using the Discovery Feed. You’ll see a feed of featured videos. When the stream you’re watching stops, this might keep you on the Twitch platform. This could be a step by the company to hold users on the platform for longer.

Users could see the featured clips from different creators in the feed. The feed might present users with curated content based on their tastes. For instance, if a user prefers Fortnite content, they might be presented with clips or feeds from other Fortnite streamers. The platform might enable users to set feeds in accordance with their preferences. That can be a fantastic method to relive memorable moments from streams you watched or follow up on streams you missed. Currently, the platform is testing the new feature with limited users. Most users won’t have access to it during the test phase.

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